Meet the Musicians Violin

Yu Yuan


Orchestra member since 2001

Hometown: Beijing, China

Education: University of Houston, Peabody Conservatory

Studied with: Han Li, Wang Zhen Shan, Fredell Lack, Berl Senofsky, William DePasquale, Shmuel Ashkenasi, Zvi Zeitlin

Instrument: Yu plays a 1983 Sergio Peresson violin.

About Yu:

Yu has been a Cleveland resident for 11 years and loves the fact that city has little traffic, allowing an easy commute.  In addition to the violin, she also plays the piano, and in her free time enjoys cooking and traveling.  She tells this funny audition story: “After years of doing auditions, I finally won a position in the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Then I got a letter that said, “Congratulations.  Your position is: Assistant Librarian.”  Yu loves the sushi at Pacific East and the music of The Beatles.