Meet the Musicians Tuba

Yasuhito Sugiyama


Orchestra member since 2005

Hometown: Takino, Hyōgo, Japan

Education: Soai University

Studied with: Bob Tucci, Rex Martin, Shuzo Katakana, Fuminori Ogata, Shigeo Takesada

Instrument: Yasu plays a Hirsbrunner C Tuba, a Rudy Meini F Tuba by Rudy Meini B&S pt 10, and a Bb Melton fafner 195/2.

About Yasuhito:

Yasuhito, or Yasu, as his friends call him, is a native of Takino Hyogo, Japan. You might see him jogging or walking his two dogs in University Circle, not far from Severance Hall. Although his favorite audition story is "lost in translation," Yasu is quick to point out that two of his favorite performances with The Cleveland Orchestra include Bruckner's 5th Symphony in the St. Florian abbey, and Brahms's Requiem in the Musikverein. Yasu is drawn to the quieter places in and around Cleveland and University Circle, though he enjoys the popular FIRE and BSpot restaurants for some variety and company with his friends. Yasu teaches at Baldwin Wallace University and also instructs the low brass class at the Cleveland Institute of Music.