Meet the Musicians Flute

Saeran St. Christopher


Orchestra member since 2005

Hometown: New Ulm, Minnesota

Education: The Cleveland Institute of Music

Studied with: Jane Garvin, Joshua Smith

Instrument: Saeran plays a Brannen flute with a Lafin headjoint, a Powell wood flute, and a Burkart piccolo.

About Saeran:

Old-time fashions and science keep St. Christopher searching. Saeran has an affinity with the music of the Jazz Age through the Swing Era, though its really the M&Ms, crunching and keeping time to the tunes of folk songs and rap rhythms, which keep her modern. She is a passionate writer and is quietly embarking on the travels of her first novel. In between the musical passages, written paragraphs and researching history, Saeran cares for seven animals: 2 cats, 3 dogs and 2 birds, with her partner, Andrew Grams. A variety of world cuisine restaurants in Cleveland (Pacific East Eaton, Siam Cafe, The Flaming Ice Cube, Cafe Tandoor) suit her tastes, though its really her interests in behavioral science (as it pertains to animals) and cosmology which inform her reflective moments on the simple pacing of nature, "I like watching the diverse wildlife you find in quiet woodland areas."