Meet the Musicians Cello

Paul Kushious


Orchestra member since 1995

Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island

Education: The Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Studied with: Richard Kapuseinski, Leonard Rose, Joel Krosnick

Instrument: Paul plays a 1998 Gary Davis cello made in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

About Paul:

Paul has lived in Cleveland for 17 years and loves that the city offers the benefits of a metropolitan area without the difficulties one finds elsewhere.  He and his wife, Heidi, who is a flutist, have a daughter named Sara who is a contemporary dance student at Ohio State and a son, Dustin, who is in the 8th grade in the Chagrin Falls Schools.  Paul enjoys walking outside and has become addicted to baseball workouts with his son.  Though he rarely goes out to restaurants, he does get coffee nearly everyday at On the Rise Bakery.  He tells this memorable audition story: “At my audition for the Columbus Symphony, I didn’t wear any socks.  This did not appear to damage my candidacy when I won a job.  Some years later, I took the opportunity to introduce my mother to the music director, a rather difficult person to work for.  Through a partially opened dressing room door he flatly announced, ‘You are lucky we took your son.  He did not wear the sock to the audition!!!‘  My mother, in a tone I was all too familiar with, replied, “Well young man, I guess that all depends on whether your criteria required one to play the hell out of the cello or to simply wear socks!”  Paul enjoys teaching high school and adult students.