Meet the Musicians Cello

Mark Kosower


Orchestra member since 2010

Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Education: Indiana University, The Juilliard School

Studied with: Janos Starker, Joel Krosnick

Instrument: Mark plays a Starker Nebula cello made around 1800 and a 2006 Tschu-Ho Lee cello.

About Mark:

In addition to his expert cello playing, Mark has played some piano and, many moons ago, pipe organ and trumpet.  He enjoys listening to music, including The Same Kind and occasionally to jazz, composing, watching movies, jogging, wine tasting and fishing.  His most memorable onstage experience involved playing a concert with his father and sister while wasps dropped onto them while playing.  He has recorded for the Ambitus, Delos, Naxo and VAI labels.