Meet the Musicians Violin

Katherine Bormann


Orchestra member since 2011

Hometown: Bismark, North Dakota

Education: Rice University, The Juilliard School

Studied with: Joel Smirnoff, Ronald Copes, Kathleen Winkler

Instrument: Katherine plays on a modern Italian instrument.

About Katherine:

With "ney" a lost opportunity to practice her English or Scottish brogue, you might also find Katherine singing - slightly untrained yet with great enthusiasm. She is a speedy typer, an avid fan of history, a reader of all sorts, and when outdoors, a hiker and skier. Katherine's favorite audition story takes place in the winter months. "I once took an audition in winter, and my violin was adjusting to the differences in temperature and humidity. Right in the middle of an excerpt, one of my pegs slipped suddenly, and slowly, just as I was playing that string - it sounded like a cow. The committee on the other side of the screen fortunately figured out what had happened and laughingly let me move on to the next excerpt." (Clearly, no strings slipped in her Cleveland audition.) Besides the classics, Katherine likes a diverse array of music including The Beattles, Cold Play, John Denver, U2, Chicago, Peter Paul and Mary, James Taylor and Nickleback. When asked about all of the positives Cleveland has to offer,  Katherine mentioned a few which top her list. "The wonderful people, the fantastic parks, libraries and restaurants, the fact that it snows and the Cleveland Art Museum.