Meet the Musicians Violin

Emma Shook


Orchestra member since 2001

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Education: The Juilliard School

Studied with: Hyo Kang, Dorothy DeLay, Felix Galimir

Instrument: Emma plays an Antonio Gagliano violin.

About Emma:

Emma has lived in Cleveland for 11 years and loves residing near Shaker Lakes with her husband, Jeff, and her 3 step children, 4 cats and 1 dog.  She maintains many interests outside of TCO including playing chamber music and hosting chamber music parties with friends, hiking, birding and tending to her garden.  When Emma is out on the town she enjoys dining at Flying Cranes, Sanctuary on the Green and Greenhouse Tavern.  When asked for a memorable moment on stage, Emma had this to share: “As the applause dies down and there is an expectant hush over the audience, I suddenly and belatedly realize we are starting with a different piece.  I scramble through the music on the stand, but the piece (I believe a Mozart piano concerto) is not on our stand.  I attempt to play from memory while my stand partner tries to get the attention of the stand next to us.  Our next-door colleagues are confused and keep playing, all the while giving us questioning looks.  (Turns out my stand partner had left the part on their stand while warming up before the concert.)  The exposition ends and the stand next to us finally understands what’s going on, looks through their music and comes up with our part, which they had over to us.”  When Emma isn’t listening to classical music, she’s grooving to jazz, blues, bluegrass, funk, classic rock, latin jazz, african or renaissance music.