Meet the Musicians Bass

Derek Zadinsky


Orchestra member since 2012

Hometown: Issaquah, Washington

Education: The Curtis Institute of Music

Studied with: Hal Robinson, Edgar Meyer

Instrument: Derek plays a 1790 Thomas Dodd from London.

About Derek:

Derek moved to Cleveland from Seattle and finds that the traffic in Cleveland is easier to navigate, there is less rain here, and Cleveland offers many fine restaurants.  Some of his favorites are Lola, Momocho, B Spot, L’Albatros and Melt.  In his free time Derek plays a little bass guitar and piano, enjoys playing Xbox with friends and participating in a bluegrass band with other orchestra members.  He shares this memorable audition story: “I had to fly back to Philadelphia to play a concert with the Curtis Symphony between the prelim and semi final rounds of the last Atlanta Symphony audition.  It was a very crazy 24 hours!”  Derek teaches at Cleveland State University.