Meet the Musicians Bassoon

Barrick Stees


Orchestra member since 2001

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Education: The Eastman School of Music

Studied with: K. David VanHoesen

Instrument: Barry plays a Heckel bassoon.

About Barrick:

Of the city he’s made his home for the past 11 years, Barry says, “Cleveland is a better town that it ‘thinks it is.’  A really nice, manageable city with a lot of great food and fun things to do.  Lots of natural resources.”  He lives with his wife, Melinda, and his daughters Grace and Maddy.  The family has a dog named Charlotte and 2 cats, Sammy and Seamoe.  Barry enjoys competitive running, coffee roasting, gardening and reading, and has a penchant for old swing and bebop music.  He tells this story about his TCO audition: “I auditioned three times form y position during 2001.  My last audition was a trial week.  The first rehearsal was on Tuesday, September 11, 2001!  Needless to say the rehearsals that day were cancelled and I felt my chances slipping away as the soloist for the piece on which I was playing principal was grounded in Florida.  Instead, I merely doubled the first part to Mahler 5.  However, after the Thursday performance, the personnel manager came up to me and told me I would be playing principal bassoon for the Friday performance of the Mahler (no rehearsal or prep for this!!)  I did it and the rest, as they say, is history.”  Barry teaches college and high school students, and maintains a studio at CIM.

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Video Links:

Curly Maple Rag

Lancashire Rag


Sorcels for Solo Bassoon

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