Meet the Musicians Violin

Alicia Koelz


Orchestra member since 2005

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Education: The Cleveland Institute of Music, Northwestern University

Studied with: William Preucil, Almita and Roland Vamos, Sally O’Reilly, Mary West

Instrument: Alicia plays a J.B. Vauillaume violin.

About Alicia:

Alicia Koelz and her husband, Chris, enjoy reading, their young daughter, four cats, and hiking in Cleveland's Metroparks. Alicia enjoys the classic voices of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, and recordings of the Cleveland Quartet. Before or after a meal at Fire (her favorite restaurant) you may hear quartet music streaming from her house; she is a member of the Omni Quartet with TCO colleagues Amy Lee, Joanna Patterson Zakany and Tanya Ell.