About Us

We, the musicians of The Cleveland Orchestra, welcome you to our website where you will learn more about us and the magnificent orchestra that makes Cleveland its home.  

The Cleveland Orchestra is comprised of musicians who hail from all corners of the globe.  We bring together diverse cultures, languages and musical experiences to create a unique and accomplished whole.  Each orchestra member is a custodian of  The Cleveland Orchestra tradition which has been passed down from musician to musician since the orchestra was founded in 1918. As a group of dedicated professionals, we take pride in preserving the integrity, impeccable quality and singular sound that has been the hallmark of The Cleveland Orchestra for almost 100 years.  We are proud to call Severance Hall our home and to represent Northeast Ohio as we travel throughout the world.

Since its founding, The Cleveland Orchestra has been involved in educating our city’s young people, and today we reach more students than ever before. Whether we’re giving concerts for school children, participating in outreach programs in our community or giving private lessons, we remain deeply committed to building future generations of musicians and music lovers.

The Cleveland Orchestra has served as an inspiration for musicians of all ages throughout its history and continues to do so today. In fact, we count ourselves as some of the orchestra’s biggest fans!  We look forward to sharing our dedication to quality and our passion for great music with you.  

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